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Stem Cell Recovery

Imagine a world where victims of spinal cord injuries can walk, where there are no shortages of organs for those in need of an organ transplant, where diabetes is no longer treated with insulin shots but cured by implanting insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells grown from the individual’s own stem cells. Such is the promise of stem cell-based regenerative medicine.


Did you know that there are powerful stem cells in your teeth?

With StemSave, protecting your family’s future health by securing their stem cells today is easy and convenient.


StemSave works with us to recover the teeth at the time of an extraction to assure the highest probability of stem cell viability. Simply enroll at and StemSave will send us one of its patented transport kits to us prior to the planned procedure.

At the time of the extraction, we will deposit the extracted teeth into the kit. The kit is then sealed and rushed to StemSave’s laboratories where the teeth are processed and the cells tested for viability. Upon positive viability, your cells are cryopreserved and available for utilization in future personalized regenerative therapies.

To learn more about how you can secure your family’s future health by banking their stem cells, contact our office today or visit

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